Cleveland Indians: Analyzing the top five prospects for the Tribe

Triston McKenzie #24 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Triston McKenzie #24 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Indians, Bo Naylor
Bo Naylor of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

Top 5 Cleveland Indians prospects in 2021

We come to our final part in breaking down the top 30 prospects for the Cleveland Indians, closing out with the club’s top five prospects. There’s little to no question that these five are the ones to be the most excited about. One of them is already set to be a key part of the Tribe’s 2021 season while the others are on the cusp of making an impact themselves in just the next year or two at the very latest. In reality, four of these five could very well be starting in 2022.

Looking back at what we’ve already covered, most the players were high potential guys who were on the radar for the future, had shown flashes, or in some cases were just high drafts picks with very little experience to go off of in the minor leagues. However, when you dive into this group of five, everything is different. They are all expected to play in Cleveland and soon.

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While past groups have consisted of players that are much younger, we get an older group at the top of the rankings. We still have a 20-year old and two at 21, but we get one at 22 and another at 23. On top of that, this is our most diverse group in terms of positions as well. There really aren’t any duplicates with an outfielder, a corner infielder, a middle infielder, a catcher and a right-handed pitcher.

For the Cleveland Indians, having a young group of prospects that touch on basically every position shows a lot of promise for the team moving forward. At each position there’s at least one player that is expected to be ready soon with high potential. Of the Major League Baseball top 100 prospects, three of these players find their names on that list as well.

If these players can turn into what a lot of people expect them to become, then the future of the Cleveland Indians is still very bright.