Five bold predictions for the Cleveland Guardians 2024 season

Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers - Game One
Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers - Game One / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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Guardians Bold Prediction Number One: Shane Bieber is traded

Expecting something different to lead this off? Well, that is not going to be the case.

It only seems like it will be a matter of time before Shane Bieber is dealt by the Cleveland Guardians. And it would only seem logical that it happens at some point before the 2024 season is over. If everyone remembers correctly, Bieber was the initial trade target of the Tampa Bay Rays before an injury forced discussions to pivot to Aaron Civale ahead of last year's deadline.

Rumors have continued into this offseason regarding Bieber being the target of contending teams in the National League and American League. Expect this to continue as the spring approaches and into the season, regardless of the competitive state of the Guardians in 2024. It is very possible that Cleveland will take a similar approach that they did last year by attempting to deal Bieber and acquire pieces to help them for this season and beyond. 

While a trade may not come before the season, as the Guardians may want Bieber to rebuild his trade value before engaging in genuine trade discussions, expect Cleveland to maximize what they can get out of an impending free agent rather than letting him walk after the season is over.