Cleveland Guardians Rumors: AL contender linked to Shane Bieber

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

There are certain teams that fans of the Cleveland Guardians do not want to see as a possible trade partner, and one of them has been linked to Shane Bieber.

USA Today's Bob Nightengale has mentioned that the New York Yankees have discussed Bieber with the Guardians as part of his 10 predictions for the rest of the 2024 MLB offseason | Nightengale's Notebook. This is not the first time this offseason that a large market team has "checked in" on Bieber, the other being the Los Angeles Dodgers not that long ago. Nightengale would go on to say that New York has discussed Bieber with Cleveland, in addition to Miami's Jesus Luzardo, as part of his prediction of the Yankees adding another arm. While the prediction by Nightengale does not mean much of anything, it is the reveal of the Yankees discussing Bieber with the Guardians at some point that is noteworthy. 

Even though the Yankees are being connected to Bieber, there is nothing to suggest that a possible deal between the two sides is imminent in any way. However, the fact that teams like the Dodgers and Yankees are popping up right now should not be dismissed. There is a reason why Bieber is being mentioned as an option for New York and Los Angeles, and it is not because the Guardians are intend to hold on to him for the entire 2024 season.

As frustrating as all of these rumors involving Bieber's future in Cleveland are, it just comes with the territory of how this organization operates. In an ideal world, Cleveland is able to sign their star player long-term rather than being forced to go down this same path of trade rumors involving an impending free agent star-caliber player. Until the way they operate changes, expect this pattern to continue with Bieber and others who are on the cusp of free agency.