Cleveland Guardians City Connect jerseys set to debut in May

The Cleveland Guardians' City Connect jerseys are nearly here and we have just one request: Please don't have a guitar anywhere on them.
Cleveland Guardians uniform
Cleveland Guardians uniform / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Buried in a story that ran on uniform-centric site Uni Watch (which is a phenomenal site, by the way), the news was shared that the Cleveland Guardians' City Connect jersey would make its on-field debut May 17, a Friday night home game against the Minnesota Twins.

For the uninformed, the City Connect uniforms are a opportunity for Nike to put a local unique take on MLB clubs' jerseys. Thus far, these uniforms have been a mixed bag of godawful to tolerable, though a few have been aesthetically pleasing.

What Will the Cleveland Guardians City Connect Jersey Look Like?

The only thing we hope with regards to the jersey side of things is simply: NO GUITARS. It's a tired trope when it comes to Cleveland events. The NCAA Women's Final Four actually took a fresh approach to this with their logo. Instead of using a guitar for the logo, the NCAA went with a guitar pick. Those outside of Northeast Ohio may think this isn't really a distinct difference, but let me tell you - it is!

New Era will also produce a special alternate hat to coincide with the City Connect uniform, and I am eagerly waiting to see what they cook up. I have to imagine it will be a beauty, as they have been on a nice hot streak here lately.

Hopefully we get a sneak peek at the jersey and hat soon. Until then we can speculate endlessly on what the uniform set will look like. Just no guitars - PLEASE!!!