4 moves for the Cleveland Guardians to continue their winning ways

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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It has been a fantastic start to the 2024 season for the Cleveland Guardians. Their recent sweep of the Minnesota Twins has them sitting atop the American League Central division with a 30-17 record, being one of just four teams with 30 wins so far and the second American League team to do so (New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers). This is an elite group of teams, and the fact that the Guardians are in that group is beyond impressive and something that very few expected before this season began.

Thisis a team that has proven they are among the best teams in baseball so far, with that being reinforced in a recent MLB Power Ranking listing them as the fifth-best team in the majors. But, like most teams, they are not without faults. There are a few players who are not performing at an acceptable level, and removing them from the mix is something that has become absolutely necessary. 

These potential moves are not because the team is spiraling because that could not be further from the truth at this moment. This team has already started to move on from players who are not producing by designating outfielder Ramon Laureano for assignment and calling up Johnathan Rodriguez. Now it is time for them to continue to refine their roster to set them up for success for the rest of the season and potential postseason appearance.