Cleveland Indians: Francisco Lindor trade packages for the AL West

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Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians

Francisco Lindor #12 of the Cleveland Indians (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)

Concluding our trip around the divisions of Major League Baseball we come to the AL West for Francisco Lindor trade packages for the Cleveland Indians.

When looking across baseball for teams to become trade partners for the Cleveland Indians and a deal for Francisco Lindor, the American League West is perhaps the most intriguing division. While some make much more sense than others, each team could make a case for why a deal for Lindor is needed.

Moving across the other divisions in baseball, each division had at least one team that just didn’t make sense or was a poor trade partner. The AL East had the Rays and Orioles who are just as strapped for cash as the Indians and there’s little reason for Cleveland to deal Lindor within the AL Central.

As for the National League, the East was perhaps the most intriguing with some of the top contenders for Lindor there, but it’s hard to make a case for every team in that division. The same can be said for the NL Central with teams like the Pirates who are in a complete rebuild. Meanwhile, the NL West seems depleted of most of their prospects across the board.

That brings us to the AL West. The Los Angeles Angels already have a star in Mike Trout, but could see money free up soon from Albert Pujols’ contract. The Houston Astros always seem to be interested in adding fire power and adding Lindor would do just that. The Oakland A’s could be looking for a one-year run. The Seattle Mariners could view Lindor as their missing link, the way they did Robinson Cano when they paid him. As for the Texas Rangers, they always seem to be interested in trades with the Cleveland Indians.

So while all these teams have a reason to trade for Francisco Lindor, do they have the means? Here’s what a trade could look like for each of the teams in the AL West.

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