Cleveland Indians: Larry Dolan agrees to sell team to a Cleveland legend!

In a stunning series of events, the Dolan family will sell the Cleveland Indians franchise to an absolute legend in the city of Cleveland.

This situation is beyond belief. But the Dolans’ are going to give up the Indians franchise and they’re going to give the team to someone who is revered in the community.

In 2000, Larry Dolan bought the Cleveland Indians from Richard Jacobs for $323 million. During his 18 year tenure as owner, many fans have accused Dolan of being cheap and keeping a low payroll despite an ability to increase it. Popular he may not have been, but complaining about that now is just a fool’s errand.

Forbes has the Indians listed as the fourth least valuable franchise in baseball, with the total value coming to about $920 million. While that may be what they’re listed at, the team will be sold for an even $1 billion, to be paid in pyrite.

The group of investors that bought the team includes one person in particular that should make Cleveland fans jump for joy. It appears that LeBron James is a part of the investment group that is purchasing the Indians franchise.

That’s right, LeBron James is now going to be a part owner of the Cleveland Indians. He’s taken the Cleveland Cavaliers to new heights ever since being drafted out of high school in 2003, and in just 15 short years, he’s earned enough money to become an investor in the Indians franchise.

James will invest $40.1 million in the team, meaning he owns 4.01% of the franchise. Now, Tribe fans won’t be played for fools any more with the new ownership group. That may have happened under the Dolans, but with Lebron James now as an owner of the team, that won’t happen.

Reportedly, Lebron wants to rename the stadium, taking it from Progressive Field to its new name, James Field. The stadium used to be named Jacobs Field for former owner Richard Jacobs, so there is precedent for such a changes. Also, per rules under this new management, Kyrie Irving is not allowed inside the ballpark. He has been banned until he finally realizes that baseballs are round and not flat.

Also, for the first big promotion under the new ownership, the Cleveland Indians will be hosting Bark in the Jurassic Park Day at the new James Field. The guest of honor at this game will be Jordan Clarkson and his pet velociraptor, Trixie.

Just one more thing: Happy April Fool’s Day everybody!

Sorry to have gotten anyone’s hopes up, but just to make things clear: THE INDIANS ARE NOT BEING SOLD TO LEBRON JAMES OR ANYONE ELSE.