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Could the Cleveland Indians Trade a Pitcher for a Batter?

Is it time for the Cleveland Indians to change their name? According to Jeff Mount, it might just be. In a world that is continually evolving, the Cleveland Indians could be the next Washington Redskins. Even further, changing their name would allow the team to re-market and to sell lots of new merchandise. Many Tribe fans would purchase new hats, shirts, and jerseys to support the new team.

Also, Paul Hoynes answered several questions about trading a pitcher for a batter in his latest edition of Hey, Hoynsie. Hoynes stated that he is unsure whether or not the Indians will trade one of their best pitchers for a batter, as quality starting pitching is “the most sought after skill in the big leagues”. Even further, he expects the team to trade for an experienced bat instead of taking a gamble on a young player, should they make a move.

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One player who has constantly been mentioned in trade rumors is Danny Salazar. Salazar, 25, is still under team control for a long while, and he has shown excellent peripheral stats over his time with the Indians. Across just under 350 big-league innings, the right-hander has racked up an impressive 380 strikeouts while waling 103 batters. While these skills have not always translated into run prevention abilities, Salazar is still quite the valuable trade piece.

Finally, yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the Cleveland Indians’ mascot, Slider, taking a tumble during Game Four of the 1995 American League Championship Series. The Indians were losing the game by just one run, and Slider tried to cheer up the crowd, but he fell onto the field and hurt his leg. Unfortunately, the umpires and pitcher did not notice the mishap. Fortunately, he was able to hobble off the field before the ball entered his region of the field.

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