Cleveland Indians Giovanny Urshela Is Here To Stay


The Cleveland Indians have not had consistent, reliable play coming from the “hot corner.” That looks to have changed thanks to an up and coming rookie.

The Tribe has had issues going back some time now with solidifying the third base position. Understandably, there are not as many talented options at the position unlike first base, shortstop, etc.–but now with Giovanny Urshela playing on a regular basis the search has ended.

While he is just a rookie and there has been and will be more times that he struggles learning the game, just like any first-year player, the success he has had thus far has outweighed the bad.

After unsuccessful attempts with journeymen, and more recently Lonnie Chisenhall and Carlos Santana, the performance Urshela has given thus far has been impressive. Chisenhall is now doing better in the outfield, but when he was strictly at third base, he did not play well. As long as Urshela does not end up playing like Chisenhall did when he was in the infield, Urshela will do just fine.

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Urshela has been known as a better defender coming up the minor leagues, which has proven true so far while up with Cleveland. As of today, he has a .974 fielding percentage, which is good and should continue to improve. The 23-year-old is not hitting well yet, but in time he is going too. Currently, he is hitting .227 with 5 home runs and 15 RBI in 64 games. His hitting overall is nothing to be excited about; .227/.280/.329. Due to his inconsistent hitting, he has been batting eighth in the lineup. I expect once everything clicks for him to eventually be a lock higher up in the lineup.

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Once he gets comfortable with major league pitching, the Indians will have a more complete player.

Taking care of the left side of the infield with fellow rookie Francisco Lindor has given Cleveland fans much to cheer about. Pairing Urshela with Lindor, who is playing some great ball at the moment, on the left side should have one-half of the infield taken care of for many years.

Not all young players will pan out like teams hope, but from what has been displayed, that will not be an issue with Cleveland’s third baseman.

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