Cleveland Indians Podcast: Perusing the Tribe’s Prospects


The Indians have plenty of depth in prospects making their way through the system. Their time may be coming sooner than later.

As September approaches, roster expansion will come with it. The chance to see some of the future of the Cleveland Indians comes with it. With the roster jumping from 25 to 40, it’s up to the team’s to decide how many they want to call up. The future is coming, and it may be coming soon. The possibility of seeing Bradley Zimmer or Clint Frazier is an exciting prospect for the chance to see the Indians bright future.

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Seeing as the future’s so bright we gotta wear shades and all, its high time we ignore what’s going on with the 2015 Indians (read: disappointment) and focus on what could be great about the prospects and the 2016-19 Indians. In general it looks dynamite. From a trio of top ten pitchers acquired in the last six months to those amazing young outfielders we’ve been hearing so much about, it could be cool to be a Tribesman pretty soon.

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Wahoo’s on the Mic: A Perusal of Tribe Prospects 

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