Cleveland Indians Rumors: Tribe Will be Big Winners With Not Trading Mike Aviles


Indians unlikely to deal Aviles while daughter receives treatment

We often get caught up at times saying things like”baseball is a business”, and “it’s nothing personal”. To an extent, those are true. But for the Cleveland Indians, they’re pushing it aside and following the old 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates motto “we are family”. While some would say they stand to lose something by not trading Mike Aviles, I think they’ll gain more from it.

Aviles has been the Indians super utilityman for the past three seasons, and would be a valuable addition to any team looking at making a run for the playoffs. Set to be a free agent after this season and with the Indians appearing to be more seller than buyers–it would make sense to deal Aviles to get what they can for him.

But they won’t.

It’s not because the front office and stubborn and thinks they are still in the race–which technically they are–but it’s because Aviles is family, and the Indians aren’t about to uproot his family in such a trying time. Sometimes, things are bigger than the game.

As Rosenthal also mentioned, daughter Adriana attend the Cleveland Clinic for her treatments–which has forced Aviles to the family medical emergency list twice this season. A move in the middle of the season wouldn’t be ideal for the family, and it looks like the Indians have no plans to force them to make one. 

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This move–or non-move by the Indians shows that there is a heart buried in a professional sports franchise. The way the game has evolved, it is indeed a business first–and making decisions with your heart and not your bottom-line in mind is frowned upon. The mighty dollar will generally prevail in the world of sports, but compassion keeps fighting for its place.

Regardless of whatever other moves the Indians make at the deadline, if Aviles stays in Cleveland that’s an A+ in my book. Well done Indians. Well done.

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