Cleveland Indians Rumors: GM Chris Antonetti Open to Trades


Buyers? Sellers? Both says Tribe GM Antonetti

The Cleveland Indians are a team that truly doesn’t have an identity as the trade deadline draws near. They aren’t far enough out of the race to be a seller–but they’re a far cry from being a buyer. Most teams see them as the former, and Indians GM Chris Antonetti has been fielding calls in regards to several players.

While he realizes that they aren’t close enough to make any bold moves, it doesn’t mean that they won’t consider all options as the deadline nears. Well, almost all options. “We’ll be opportunistic,” said Antonetti. “We’ll be very open-minded over the next couple of weeks.”

But when it comes to dealing from their talented starting pitching?

“We are not motivated at all to do that,” said Antonetti.

While the pitching staff may hold the most trade value for the Indians, it is clearly young and talented, and a key part of their future. So if anything, the Indians may have to deal quantity for quality if they want to make a move to improve down the stretch. And without a very deep system, that is unlikely as well.

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After underperforming for most of the first half, Antonetti and Tribe skipper Terry Francona believe this team will break out in the second half. The offense has been woeful at times but is putting themselves in a position to score, but they aren’t delivering when the opportunity arises. Thank goodness the Reds walked in most of the runs the other night or it’s possible they wouldn’t have scored then.

So while I posed the question if Corey Kluber was untouchable because of his recent extension–it sounds like that’s a yes..unless a deal to good to pass up comes along. Just because they aren’t motivated to do that if the right circumstances were to come up they would have to consider it. Here and now and the near future need to be balanced, and that’s the tricky part because of where they sit in the standings.

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