Cleveland Indians: A Division Realignment is in Order


Go west Tigers, or East. Just go elsewhere

It’s clear that in Major League Baseball’s wisdom that they didn’t get the division alignments right. I mean, geographically they’re about as good as you can get them. We still consider everything west of the Mississippi River “west”, so Central is just further east than east. But the problem is that the

Cleveland Indians

and Detroit Tigers are in the same division.

Clearly this was an oversight on the part of baseball that they made in 1994. The Indians were peaking at that point, and I’ll give them a little slack on not realizing the mistake they were making. Back then, it didn’t seem like the Indians would ever lose. But how did they not see the ridiculousness that was coming? Poorly played MLB. Poorly played.

This season, the Tigers are 8-2 against the Indians. They’re undefeated at Progressive this season and have won 10 of the last 11 there. Even worse, since 2013 they’ve won 19 of the last 24. It’s blatantly obvious the Tigers shouldn’t be coming to Cleveland this often.

If Major League Baseball is not willing to undo this serious gaffe, I have found some workarounds that would be acceptable until something permanent can be done.

First, the Tigers will use NL rules and forfeit the designated hitter. Also, Miguel Cabrera can only play if he’s in center field. Anywhere else is an immediate forfeit.

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Should for some reason the Tigers disagree with that (Which to me would say they know MLB screwed up), they should move the games to a neutral site. My first thought was the home of the Cleveland Browns, FirstEnergy Stadium. If the Indians win there, it will be a treat. If they don’t, most people might not notice.

The final option is the most simple, and would prevent realignment. The Tigers organizations disbands and the Indians never have to play them again at any venue in any league. This is clearly a winner for me. And I really can’t see any reason that it would be opposed on any level.

Editor’s Note: This post was meant to be satirical, and is all in good fun. What isn’t fun is the Tigers recent dominance at Progressive Field over the Indians. While realignment isn’t a realistic change, something needs to be done to end this misery.