Top Five Cleveland Indians Relievers of All-Time

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Various statistics that I used in my rankings:

To rank the best relievers, I used FIP, strikeouts per nine innings, walks per nine innings, opponent batting average, WHIP, and left on base percentage. Rather than use ERA, I used FIP simply to try and balance out defenses. Ideally, I would have been able to use xFIP, but that data doesn’t go back forever.

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Also, I chose to leave out saves simply because I compiled the best relievers of all time, not closers. Even if I ranked the best closers of all time, however, I still would have left out saves. This is because I didn’t want to give an unfair advantage to a pitcher on, say, the 1995 Indians as opposed to a pitcher on the 2009 Indians.

On a final note, I also weighted games in my rankings. This is because when I initially ran through the data, I got a bunch of pitchers who pitched just over the 100 inning minimum.

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