Cleveland Indians: Top 5 managers in team history

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Ready for an offseason debate? Here are the five best managers in Cleveland Indians’ history.

Despite just two World Series championships, it’s hard to find a franchise with more history than the Cleveland Indians.

From their early days as the Grand Rapids Rustlers to their name change to the Cleveland Indians in 1915, the franchise just concluded their 120th season in team history.

Through the years, 46 different men have managed the team. Two have won World Series, four have won American League pennants, six have taken the club to the postseason and one was named a Hall of Famer as a skipper rather than player.

While no Indians manager has ever spent a decade or more as the teams manager, regardless, there are still five skippers that stand out as the best in franchise history.

Ready for a debate? Here are our top five managers in Cleveland Indians’ history.

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