Cleveland Indians: Mike Aviles Activated from Restricted List; Austin Adams Optioned to Columbus


Tribe make expected moves with return of Aviles

The Cleveland Indians activated

Mike Aviles

from the restricted list, and as expected optioned

Austin Adams

to Columbus to make room for

Shaun Marcum

, who they needed to clear a spot for. All of these

were expected moves

. But the talk going around that Marcum is up for a couple of spot starts just dumbfounds me. Even more so if he comes out in these outings and pitches well.

The expectation is once T.J. House makes a few rehab starts, he will return to the rotation and Marcum won’t be needed. The hole wasn’t created by his injury. The hole was there based on House’s results. He’s o-4, 13.15 ERA, allowing 21 hits and 19 runs in 13 innings. On top of that he’s walked 12 men. This is who we’re hoping will return to “complete” the rotation?

It’s time for the Indians to take a good hard look at what they’re doing, and where they hope to be. My opinion is if you keep running House out there, you’re giving up on this season. And added to that if Jose Ramirez keeps finding himself in the lineup everyday? Another sign. This doesn’t mean call up Francisco Lindor (which I’m not against), but at the least Aviles needs to be the starter at shortstop.

This ridiculous merry-go-round of Austin Adams going back and forth, and Zach Walters as well. The results aren’t there from the guys that keep seeing the field. Luckily Danny Salazar has been all they can expect and more since being recalled to help stop the bleeding of the rotation a bit as Corey Kluber finds his way back (which he will). *See Jon Lester‘s April with the Cubs, and now his May for encouragement. 

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This shuffling of pawns back and forth isn’t cutting it. It’s time to move a knight or a bishop and make an effort to change the game. Literally, the only way for this team to go right now is up, and I think it’s time they make the necessary changes to move in that direction.

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