Cleveland Indians: Should They Consider Calling Up Francisco Lindor?


The time is now for the Tribe to consider Lindor

The question is one the Cleveland Indians are going to have to start asking themselves. It used to be a simple “Are they ready?” and “Can they help the team?”. Now so much more goes into this, even though most parties won’t admit it. The

Kris Bryant

fiasco with the Chicago Cubs is a perfect example. And after all the hullabaloo to gain the extra year of control, they ignored Super Two status, meaning Bryant will get paid with an earlier year of arbitration. So, is it time to bring up

Francisco Lindor


Yes. Yes it is. Unless you’re content with losing the division in April and May.

Scouts have deemed Lindor ready defensively, and professionally. His bat was what was in question as far as his readiness for promotion to Cleveland. “Mr. Everything” Mike Aviles is having a fine start, as he’s played four different positions already–shortstop and third base included. The reason? Jose Ramirez and Lonnie Chisenhall have been dreadful. There were questions for both, but a .211 for Chisenhall and a paltry .185 for Ramirez are hurting the cause.

Defensively, you can’t fault Aviles at any position he plays. He plays each well, with no glaring weakness. He’s a utilityman, he does what he needs. But Ramirez has committed four errors already this season, and defense is becoming another liability outside of the poor hitting already plaguing the Tribe.

After a slow start in Columbus, Lindor is currently slashing a .284/.360/.403 line, with one home run, seven RBIs and six stolen bases. He’s not shocking the world with his numbers, but it may be time to embrace the future and play to win.

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This Indians team, with so much expectation, has fallen flat on its face out of the gate. Last season, their playoff run came up short. At the end of April? They were 11-17. This year it’s going to be worse than that. If there’s belief this team can make a run once players are healthy, they need to stop the bleeding now. Lindor may be that tourniquet.

At this point, the Indians need a jolt of excitement. Hell, the fans need it. There needs to be something to get behind. Coming to the park to see one of the best young prospects take the field for the Indians? It’s time for the front office to make that call. You might not win the division in April, but you can surely lose it.

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