Introducing the Cleveland Indians’ Franchise Four candidates

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Anybody who has read my take on Albert Belle before should have been forewarned that I could potentially write in the Tribe’s ferocious slugger as one of the Franchise Four. 

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But I didn’t. Belle is deserving of an induction into Cooperstown and he certainly belongs in Heritage Park. The Mount Rushmore of the Cleveland Indians, though? Not quite.

The previous eight slides showed the incredible group of players that should be considered for the award. Statistically, guys like Belle, Manny Ramirez and Al Rosen could have made the cut. But there’s not a name on the current list that isn’t deserving.

My votes for the Cleveland Indians’ Franchise Four went to Bob Feller, Larry Doby, Jim Thome and Nap Lajoie. The first three were no-brainers, but choosing between Omar Vizquel and Lajoie was difficult.

For his historical impact on the Tribe, however, Lajoie got the final nod.

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