Cleveland Indians Make Sports Illustrated Cover


The world takes notice as the Indians make the Sports Illustrated Cover

Here in Cleveland, where nothing is given and everything is earned (thanks Lebron), it goes without question that even the one of the highest of honors in sports has to be shared. Of course I’m talking about the Sports Illustrated cover and yesterday’s released MLB preview edition, where Corey Kluber and Michael Brantley are caught in mid smile/guffaw.

The real important thing to catch here is that Kluber was smiling. Whoever set the OS on Klubot 2015 added emotion, which may be a bad idea. RoboCop didn’t fare too well with emotion, why would we think that the cyborg-turned Cy Young would be any better? Brantley looks more like he is in pain than laughing. Maybe Kluber has mastered telekinesis and is grabbing at his spine. Run, the Klubot has become self-aware and is turning on its teammates! Kluber and Brantley deserve to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Kluber won the Cy Young last year and Brantley was 3rd in the MVP race. Sure, the last time an Indians player graced the cover, it was Grady Sizemore and that turned out great. Oh  it didn’t? Maybe this jinx thing is real.

But it’s not like we have been jinxed as a team before, right? I mean, worst case scenario, this jinx only affects the players on the cover. In 2007, Cleveland almost went to the World Series. No way this jinx thing affects the entire team. Let’s check the SI vault and make sure that no other Cleveland Indians team has been on the cover and make sure this doesn’t happen to us this year. I mean, it’s not like Joe Carter and Cory Snyder were photographed with bats, calling for an Indian Uprising in 1987. That was the year we lost 101 games. No way they were on the cover then.

All jokes aside, and there have been many of them today, along with lots of hand wringing by Tribe fans across the country, this is a big deal.

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This is a team without many holes, with few question marks coming into the year. It’s a team that has been lauded by the experts, picked to win its division even with the defending AL champion Kansas City Royals contending for the top spot, not to mention the actual division winner Detroit and big winter spenders Chicago in the pack. The fact that Kluber and Brantley and this team are getting national attention is fantastic. Let’s not look at this as a negative; let’s take some advice from the guys who are running the Cleveland Indians Twitter account and embrace this team.

Even if there is a jinx, we have 3 other teams to compete with to see who gets it worse, and let’s face it: Cleveland never wins at anything.