2015 MLB Win Totals Posted by Nevada Sportsbooks – Indians Open at 81, 84.5 Wins

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Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Photo Credit: Bobak Ha’Eri, Creative Commons BY 3.0

This weekend, two Nevada sportsbooks – Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno and Westgate Las Vegas Superbook – posted their opening lines for 2015 MLB Win Totals. Atlantis, who posted their lines on Friday, has been the first book to release MLB win totals every year since 2007. Westgate (formerly Las Vegas Hilton), who released their totals on Sunday, has been the first sportsbook located in Vegas to post opening lines since at least 2012 (I was unable to find lines from years before that).

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Atlantis Casino Resort Spa (Reno, Nevada)

Atlantis opened with the Indians at 81 wins, behind the Tigers (86.5), Royals (83), and White Sox (82). The Twins are projected to finish far behind the top four AL Central teams, as they opened at 68.5 wins. While the Tigers, White Sox and Indians totals are at the typical -110 (bet $110 to win $100), the Royals and Twins totals are skewed – with the Royals under 83 bet at -120 and the Twins over 68.5 bet at -115. That means a -110/-110 line for the Royals would be more like 81-82 wins.

However, the maximum bet on these lines was rather low – just $500. That means they can move very quickly with minimal action. One Twitter user reported placing a single maximum bet on the Cubs at over 81.5 wins, which moved the line all the way to 83.

That means you should take these opening lines with a grain of salt. Atlantis gets good publicity by releasing their lines before anyone else, but their lines aren’t as informative as the next sportsbook to release 2015 MLB Win Totals – Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas.

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