Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Santana, Terry Francona To Join MLB All-Stars In Japan


The Cleveland Indians will be represented in MLB’s All-Star Series Japan 2014 next week by first baseman Carlos Santana and manager Terry Francona, who will be the all-star team’s bench coach.

Any chance you’re a hardcore baseball fan that also suffers from insomnia? No? Well, there’s still good news here: there’s more live baseball in 2014, and your Cleveland Indians will be a part of MLB’s All-Star Series 2014, which will be in Japan.

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Carlos Santana will play in the five-game series, which officially begins November 14 but there are two exhibition games before the start of the series. Tribe manager Terry Francona, fresh off a contract extension, will be the squad’s bench coach, as Boston Red Sox skipper John Farrell will be the manager. Jose Abreu of the Chicago White Sox is also on the roster, but you gotta figure Tito can talk Farrell into letting our boy get a start or two, right? Maybe MLB will let Santana tweet from the bench if that’s the case, because @TheRealSlamtana is becoming a must-follow (seriously, he’s hilarious, and interacts really well with the fans).

If you’re a MLB Network or MLB.TV subscriber, you can watch the games when they air live at 4 a.m. Eastern (yup), or if you operate on a more traditional sleep cycle, they’ll replay the games at 9 p.m. that night. MLB.TV people can watch the replay on demand after each game is complete.

No, this series doesn’t really matter, and honestly, I really just hope everyone comes back without getting injured, but hey, more baseball is never a bad thing. Ever.

But seriously, follow Santana on Twitter, and don’t you dare hurt him:

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