Why Chase DeLauter should get the call up to the big leagues

One name the MLB needs to be aware of is Chase DeLauter, a true definition of uprising talent in the baseball scene.

Cleveland Guardians
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So why does he deserve an oppurtunity on the major league roster?

To put it simply, the Cleveland Guardians' major league roster is in need of someone who can go the distance at the plate on any given night.

While the team does have the likes of Jose Ramirez and Josh Naylor, giving those two a break with outfield hitting power would be a nice relief. Currently, in the outfield, the team has trotted out Will Brennan, Steven Kwan, Ramón Laureano, Estevan Florial, Tyler Freeman, and Gabriel Arias. Although all six have been able to find success at the plate, none can consistently hit with power.

The team's No. 1 prospect would be a nice relief to the outfield core to play into their strengths instead of trying to make up for the lack of hitting strength. Not only can the hitting power be provided, but he is also an admirable fielder.

With the concerns for center field being apparent, the most viable option moves Steven Kwan into center, the others into left field, and DeLauter into right field. The Guardians previously utilized Oscar Gonzalez, who now is with the New York Yankees, as a power-hitter in right field. However, just like the team's recent track record, their fix for a power-hitter did not last long with Gonzalez.

The Cleveland Guardians has found early-season success against both the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics, but with more high-scoring opponents coming soon, the team needs to be prepared.

Chase DeLauter has the answer to all of the Guardians' hitting concerns, plain and simple.