Who were the last five Cleveland baseball players to steal 50 or more bases in a season?

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2. Brett Butler: 1984 - 52 Stolen Bases

Moving a bit forward in time and still on the other side of the Back to the Future timeline is Brett Butler's 1984 season.

Staying with the theme of making an impact in their first season in Cleveland, Butler managed to steal 52 bases in 159 games. Like Dilone before him, Butler was the team-leader in steals that season, with the next highest stolen base total belonging to Tony Bernazard with 20.

In addition to leading Cleveland that year, Butler would be third in the American League and sixth in all of baseball in 1984. Rickey Henderson was the American League leader with 66 steals that season while Montreal's Tim Raines managed to swipe 75 bags, leading all of baseball.

Butler's 52 steals in 1984 was a career-high, but only by the smallest of margins. Butler continued to be relatively consistent over the course of his career in the stolen base department, falling one steal short of equaling his 1984 total during the 1990 season with the San Francisco Giants (51). This was toward the tail end of an 11-year stretch that saw Butler steal no less than 31 bases from 1983 through 1993. The ability to steal a base at a consistent rate was impressive despite leading all of baseball in times caught stealing twice (22 in 1984 and 28 in 1991) and the American League once (20 in 1985).