Who were the last five Cleveland baseball players to steal 50 or more bases in a season?

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3. Miguel Dilone: 1980 - 61 Stolen Bases

The first entry into the latter half of the 20th century would be Miguel Dilone's campaign in 1980. This was Dilone's first season in Cleveland after playing for the Pirates, Athletics, and Cubs in the six years prior, and it would be an impressive first season for the speedy outfielder.

Dilone would go on to steal a career-high 61 bases in 79 attempts during the 1980 season. This led Cleveland by a pretty healthy margin (Toby Harrah's 17 being the next highest number for Cleveland that year). This stolen base total would beat out Dilone's previous high of 50 during the 1978 season, the first and only full season he played with Oakland.

The then 25-year old stole the seventh-most bases in all of baseball that year and was third in the American League, with Oakland's Rickey Henderson leading both with a casual 100 steals for the stolen base king.

Like most players appearing on this list, Dilone would have difficulty reaching similar stolen base numbers as his career progressed. The next highest stolen base total after his 1980 season came in 1982 (33), which would happen to be his final full season with Cleveland.