Who has the better MVP Case: Jose Ramirez or Steven Kwan?

The Cleveland Guardians are witnessing career seasons from both Jose Ramirez and Steven Kwan, but which player is making the stronger MVP case as we reach the halfway point of the season?
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
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The Cleveland Guardians have taken Major League Baseball by storm this season, currently standing as one of just three American League teams with 50+ wins and one of just five in all of the MLB. While Cleveland has previously been known for their dominance in starting pitching over the last handful of seasons, it's been the other facets of the game that have carried Cleveland to these new heights.

The bullpen is the best in baseball, and not by a small margin, but perhaps the most shocking part of Cleveland's game this year is their prowess at the plate. Stars have come and gone from Cleveland, but it's been a long time since the whole lineup has contributed the way we've seen this year. From the emergence of David Fry to the arrival of a plethora of rookies at one point or another (Kyle Manzardo, Angel Martinez, Jose Tena, Daniel Schneemann, Jhonkensy Noel, Johnathan Rodriguez, and more), this Cleveland team is raising eyebrows.

Perhaps the biggest points of emphasis for Cleveland has been the duo of Steven Kwan and Jose Ramirez. Ramirez is no stranger to the spotlight and has been in this conversation before, but Kwan is a new addition. He's made steady strides and has proven to be one of the most difficult outs in baseball. As we approach the All-Star break and surpass the halfway point of the season, both players have worked themselves into the American League MVP watch list.

Of the two, Ramirez is the more well-known and flashy candidate, but both have done a solid job so far this season of building a resume for consideration. It will be a tougher climb for Kwan, given his lack of power in comparison to other players, but when you consider what he's doing this season, it's hard to ignore his candidacy for the prestigious award.

Cleveland has had just two MVPs in franchise history, with Al Rosen in 1953 and Lou Boudreau in 1948. But what do Ramirez and Kwan have going for them to break the drought as the conversations ramp up?