Which Cleveland Guardians prospects are considered to be in the Top 100?

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
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The calendar has flipped over to 2024, making it the perfect time to look at the future of the Cleveland Guardians franchise, the top prospects in their organization, to be specific. Bleacher Report's Joel Reuter put together a Top 100 list at the start of this year, and the Guardians have three entries into this group. 

Honorable Mentions

Before we get to the players making the Top 100, there were two Guardians prospects who just missed the cut, falling into the group of 50 honorable mentions, Juan Brito and George Valera.

The 22-year-old switch-hitting Brito appeared in games for Lake County, Akron, and Columbus this season, slashing .271/.377/.434 with 31 doubles and 14 home runs while driving in 75 along the way. It is possible for Brito to make his big league debut relatively soon, but it seems like Cleveland wants to explore the other options available to them at the moment, such as Tyler Freeman, Brayan Rocchioo, and Jose Tena.

2024 should see Valera have a chance to be part of Cleveland's outfield mix this season. The Guardians' outfield situation is far from good, with the recent acquisition of Estevan Florial from the New York Yankees showing their level of desperation. Valera could be the power-hitting outfielder the Guardians desperately need, but his injury frequency and high strikeout rate may prevent that from happening.