Two Guardians considered among Top 25 names to be dealt by the deadline

Cleveland Guardians v Baltimore Orioles
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Player not included in Top 25

There is one player who is not ranked in the Top 25, but considered to be more noteworthy than having a simple honorable mention distinction and that is Shane Bieber.

"We do have a couple of Guardians in the top 25, but Bieber still has one year of arbitration eligibility remaining for a team that both could find its way back into the mix for this year's AL Central crown and also should expect to win the division in 2024. Maybe they explore trading him if they've already decided they don't want to pay what will be an eight-figure salary next season, but it's unlikely they've reached that conclusion."

Kerry Miller on Shane Bieber

It is a lot of the same old, same old when it comes to Bieber here. It comes down to two things, does the front office want to pay his salary next season or do they want to try and maximize thier return with two potential playoff runs for the team that acquires him. There is also the option that Bieber remains a Guardian for this year and into next if they want him to be the consistent and stable presence on a rotation with plenty of young talent coming up. This would prove beneficial later in the season if the Guardians are in the mix for the playoffs and if some of their rookie rotation arms are nearing any innings limit that has been placed upon them. It will not be too long before this will they or won't they finally comes to an end.