Two Cleveland Guardians ranked as Top 25 MLB players

Cleveland Guardians v Toronto Blue Jays
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25. Steven Kwan

Cleveland Guardians left fielder Steven Kwan has been one of the more underrated players in the sport since making his debut in 2022. Prior to this season, Kwan was primarily known for his contact ability and elite caliber defense, resulting in two Gold Glove Awards. But it appears that his increased line-drive frequency has played a factor into Rymer naming Kwan the 25th best player in the sport at this time.

"Kwan is probably not going to hit .368 all year. That's just not a thing hitters do, least of all in a season with a league-wide average of .242. Yet you'll note I put a "probably" in there. Kwan really is that locked in, after all. He's swinging and missing only 2.1 percent of the time, and his 28.6 line-drive percentage is the highest of any hitter in the American League."

Zachary D. Rymer on Steven Kwan

Even if Kwan does not maintain his current high batting average, there is a very good chance he is going to be well over .300 when the season comes to an end. This high average, combined with the added power he has added to his hitting profile, will result in being a more than productive member of the Guardians' lineup and should help propel them to an American League Central division title as well as a deep postseason run.