Two Cleveland Guardians ranked as Top 25 MLB players

Cleveland Guardians v Toronto Blue Jays
Cleveland Guardians v Toronto Blue Jays / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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The Cleveland Guardians have defied expectations to start the year, compiling a 52-30 record just past the midway point of the season. No one was quite sure how this season would play out for the Guardians, and there was a sense of doom and gloom following the season-ending injury to Shane Bieber. Luckily, that did not bring Cleveland's season to a screeching halt as the team has managed to rally by pulling their share of the weight and then some, allowing the team to remain in the mix and solidify themselves as genuine contenders.

While the team as a whole has been able to impress from an offensive standpoint, there are two players in particular that caught the attention of Bleacher Report's Zachary D. Rymer to include them in his recently published Ranking MLB's Top 25 Players After 3 Months. Rymer has identified two players on the Guardians who have definitely put themselves into the MVP conversation with their performance this season. These two individuals have been key cogs in the lineup for the Guardians and are responsible for a sizeable amount of Cleveland's success in 2024. This has resulted in Rymer naming them as members of the 25 best players in baseball right now.