Three observations from Guardians series loss to Detroit

Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers Game One
Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers Game One / Jaime Crawford/GettyImages
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3. Waiting for the offense to come back to life

There was a two-game stretch early this season where it seemed like the Guardians offense was going to turn the corner and become one of the better units in baseball. Cleveland scored 18 runs across two games in Seattle and Oakland, but have not quite been the same since then. The Guardians offense has been held to three or less runs in nine of 14 games since then. The team is 6-8 over this span, only averaging just 3.6 runs per game. Removing the two extra-inning games from the equation sees their record drop to 4-8 and only pushing across 3.2 runs.

The reality is this offense needs to get hot for an extended stretch. Putting up nearly one quarter of their offense in a two-game span when there have been 17 other games is not acceptable. While there are more than few teams who have an offense that is less potent than Cleveland's, the Guardians need to work their way back up to where they belong and not continue to be among the also-rans of MLB.