Taking low-cost fliers on arms is the right move for the Guardians

Cleveland Guardians v Atlanta Braves
Cleveland Guardians v Atlanta Braves / Casey Sykes/GettyImages

No one is going to confuse the two latest additions to the pitching staff of the Cleveland Guardians as being high-profile. There is a reason why theThere is a reason why the likes of Matthew Boyd and Spencer Howard became available at this time, and it is not because they were in high demand. In fact, the nature of which both came to Cleveland is proof of the complete opposite, but that does not mean this was the right course of action for the Guardians to take at this time. 

Everyone is very well aware that the Guardians will be looking to upgrade their pitching staff as the trade deadline draws ever closer. With that in mind, it is only going to make the price of the players that will be on the move increase for teams in need of pitching help. Adding low-cost options now in the event that either one of them proves valuable to their cause will give them some much-needed flexibility later this month. This could allow for some time of an all-in move for a pitcher or an impact bat to bolster their lineup.

Now, that is not to say the Guardians have limited resources in terms of trade chips but being able to explore additions where the only thing they are giving up is a small financial allotment rather than potentially valuable prospects should be applauded, even if they are relatively unexciting additions. Attacking their needs through multiple channels is the best course of action for the Guardians, considering they prefer to operate in a risk-averse manner most of the time rather than take chances that could lead to catastrophic results.

This is not to say that either Boyd or Howard will find a way to be key members of the Guardians. But let's face facts here, there is a very good chance both are non-factors and their time with the organization could be rather short. However, exhausting all available options before being involved in what will most likely be a bidding war for the top arms available will always be the right move, particularly if they are not able to land a pitcher that would be a considered a difference maker.