Revisiting the Cleveland Guardians' trade of Junior Caminero is a painful experience

A lot of young players - formerly in the Guardians organization - are having great seasons with other teams, including top prospect Junior Caminero.
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From an offensive standpoint, the Cleveland Guardians' farm system is a bit of a mixed bag. While first baseman Kyle Manzardo is highly touted and just about ready to crack the major leagues, the rest of the system is hard to predict.

As of right now, the Guardians just don't have a ton of seemingly can't-miss impact bats coming up, though the way Chase DeLauter has started his career is quite promising.

Now, Cleveland did have a prospect in the system at one point who is now rising up the rankings. The only problem is, he plays in the Rays' system now. His name is Junior Caminero.

Caminero was signed by Cleveland out of the Dominican Republic in 2019, and at 17, he burst onto the scene in 2021 with a .295/.380/.534 with nine home runs and 33 RBI in 171 plate appearances in the Dominican Summer League.

Though it's hard to know how a 17-year-old will ultimately develop, it was a promising first professional season for Caminero. And then, in 2022, the Guardians traded him to Tampa Bay for Tobias Myers, a former sixth-round pick of the Orioles who had a combined 3.90 ERA between Double-A and Triple-A in 2021. He had a ton of strikeout potential; he just couldn't put it all together at the higher levels of the minor leagues and has sinced bounced around to a number of other organizations.

As for Caminero, well, he's quickly becoming one of the best prospects in all of baseball. He's made it to Double-A Montgomery this season at the age of 19 (he just turned 20) and he hasn't missed a beat, slashing .312/.373/.506 with 12 home runs and 48 RBI in 276 plate appearances. The Myers-Caminero trade was a one-for-one deal and it sure seems like it might end up hurting a lot in the coming years.

One wonders what the Guardians were really even thinking with this trade. Sure, it's impossible to predict future performance - especially when a player is so young - but why would Cleveland immediately give up on such a promising young player for what appears to be nothing more than pitching depth in the minor leagues and a major-league bullpen arm at best?

Caminero is looking like a potentially special player, and it's the Rays that will be able to take advantage. It's all the more painful for Guardians fans also watching Will Benson and Nolan Jones have breakout seasons for other teams this year. It's enough to start wondering just what is going on with Cleveland's ability to assess offensive talent across the board in recent years. Every team is going to make some organizational missteps, but a few of these are starting to feel egregious, amplified by a major-league team with serious offensive deficiencies of its own.

Cleveland is no doubt a pitching factory, but the Guardians might need to start reassessing its organizational strategy on offense.