Realistic Outfield Trade Targets for the Guardians

Who could Cleveland look to add to their outfield?
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A "go big or go home" option

Now the last name I feel on during the exercise is one that would help cure many of our woes. The ask would be substantial - yet very much worth it. Go big or go home! It's been reported that his presence with his current team has generated $20M net, and that's excluding ticket sales. The man I'm referring to is very clearly Shohei Ohtani. And there is literally no chance that the Guardians would meet the Angels asking price - I just wanted to drag this gag out a bit further. It's fun to imagine Ohtani teaming up with his bestie in Jose Ramirez, but sadly it will only occur in MLB the Show.

Coming back to reality, any one of these moves would likely help extend the Guardians lineup, and hopefully solidify the outfield lineup. As mentioned earlier, Brennan could easily shift to CF as a result of any of these deals.

It takes two to tango, but fingers crossed that the front office is able to find a trade partner for an outfield bat and can swing a trade here soon. Time will tell and maybe they can end Amed Rosario's tenure in Cleveland as well.