Realistic Outfield Trade Targets for the Guardians

Who could Cleveland look to add to their outfield?
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Cardinals of yesterday and today

The next target that the Guardians should consider is former Cardinals cast off, and current Nationals Lane Thomas. Thomas is certainly having a great year, was an all-star snub - but most importantly would come to Cleveland with two years of team control.

The argument against Thomas, is that this season is an apparition and you'd be buying him at his highest value. The truth is, though I believe his value is probably closer to his current .293/.340/.490. As Thomas has been given more opportunity over the past two seasons- he's shown to be a capable 20/20 type. It's a low bar here, but the idea of adding that type of hitter to the fifth spot in the Guards order is enticing.

St. Louis is set to get Tyler O'Neill back here soon and could look to move Dylan Carlson as a result. Now Carlson has struggled of late, but he is just two removed from an impressive rookie campaign, and may just need a change of scenery. During that 2021 season Carlson had 53 XBH along with a .266/.343/.437, and if he can regain that form would be a welcome addition - however, that's a big if.

Cleveland's own old friend

The Tampa Bay Rays have recently shelved old friend Hittin' Harold Ramirez - and the Rays have some intriguing bats with their Triple-A Durham affiliate. Ramirez isn't going to add the thump that the Guardians truly need, but he does own .282/.332/.444 slash line with quality bat to ball skills. The Rays may sell low if they feel strongly about any of their prospects helping down the stretch - so acquiring Ramirez, who has two arbitration years remaining shouldn't break the bank.