Realistic Outfield Trade Targets for the Guardians

Who could Cleveland look to add to their outfield?
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Recently, Guardians President of Baseball Ops Chris Antonetti joined Jim Duquette and Jim Bowden on their MLB Network radio show. And while Antonetti is known as an "answer dancer", he did share an interesting line regarding the team's plans for the upcoming trade deadline.

"...If there's an opportunity to add another complimentary bat, that ideally has some versatility - that can contribute in the outfield and get some at-bats at DH, that could be another place we look into.

Chris Antonetti

Well, well, well - that certainly sounds like admission that this past off-season's moves haven't panned out. It's something that anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to can see from a mile away. Between Amed Rosario, Myles Straw, Will Brennan, and the catcher of the day - the Guardians deploy four daily roster spots to guys who are all own a sub .700 OPS. Not to mention Andres Gimenez who sits just barely above that .700 threshold. So yeah, adding a bat is a solid plan of attack.

But as much as I'd enjoy it if the Guardians front office went out and spent like a drunken sailor, that's not their MO, nor should it be - but it would be fun. And with that in mind I set out to find some of the most likely trade targets for the Guardians as the trade deadline approaches.