Over/under predictions for the 2024 Cleveland Guardians offense

The Cleveland Guardians fielded a tough-to-watch offense last season, but what are its prospects for 2024? Has it improved enough to be able to compete for the AL Central?

Cleveland Guardians Photo Day
Cleveland Guardians Photo Day / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Cleveland Guardians' offense took a major step back in 2023, a refrain we've heard many times before at this point. The team has been completely sapped of its power, and now the organization is looking to fix that as fast as possible from within, thanks to the impending debuts of top prospcts such as Kyle Manzardo and Chase DeLauter.

So what can we realistically expect from the Guardians offense this season? In the latest episode of the California Penal League podcast, we dove into our second annual over/under predictions for the team's offense, highlighting the following self-imposed props:

Our Over/Under Props for the 2024 Cleveland Guardians Offense

José Ramírez home runs: O/U 28.5

Josh Naylor home runs: O/U 24.5

Bo Naylor home runs: O/U 17.5

Steven Kwan's batting average: O/U .285

Over/under Andrés Giménez line of 20 doubles, 20 home runs, 20 steals

Estevan Florial games started: O/U 54.5

Tyler Freeman extra-base hits: O/U 22.5

Deyvison De Los Santos plate appearances: O/U 199.5

Kyle Manzardo wRC+: O/U 95

Gabriel Arias OPS+: O/U 79.5

Brayan Rocchio hits: O/U 104.5

Ramon Laureano RBI total: O/U 33.5

Like with any exercise such as this, some of these props appear easier to discern than others. And with others, you can talk yourself into any potential scenario. Will José Ramírez maintain his AL MVP-caliber output despite the lack of production around him? Was Steven Kwan's 2023 season more of a sophomore blip? Will Bo Naylor build off of his great September? Will Gabriel Arias - or Estevan Florial or Deyvison De Los Santos - even be on this team come, say, June?

Despite the proclamations of the doomsayers, the Cleveland Guardians are going to be a fun team to watch. There are countless intriguing positions to watch, and plenty of young players will be finding their way to Cleveland this season to gain a foothold in the team's future. It's an exciting time, if not an admittedly frustrating one, knowing the AL Central is completely up for grabs.

But either way, the Guardians won't be boring in 2024.