Outfield help motivating factor in two trade proposals for Shane Bieber

Houston Astros v Cleveland Guardians
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First Trade Proposal: Shane Bieber to Baltimore Orioles in exchange for Anthony Santander

Nothing like an easy one-for-one swap of players entering their final year of being eligible for arbitration to make everything nice and easy to account for. Of the three deals presented by one individual who wrote in, this was the best deal for both sides in the eyes of Bowden.

" I think a Bieber-for-Santander trade makes a lot of sense for both the Guardians and Orioles, and I like that idea the best of the three you proposed here. Santander will be a free agent after the 2024 season."

Jim Bowden

A former member of Cleveland's organization, Santander would elevate the current major league outfield group that lacks any and all power to hit the ball over the fence. The 29-year-old switch-hitter has 79 home runs in addition to 89 doubles over the last three seasons, power numbers that would be a welcome addition to the Guardians' outfield mix.

The short-term commitment to Santander would help Cleveland take a massive step forward offensively in 2024 while not being in the way of Cleveland's minor-league outfield prospects beyond next season. This is the type of flexibility that the Guardians should look for when it comes to making additions to their outfield.