Nonsensical comment from national reporter attempts to link Jose Ramirez with Seattle

Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers
Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers / Duane Burleson/GettyImages

It did not take long, but the first ridiculous trade suggestion from a national reporter involving the Cleveland Guardians is here.

While making an appearance on the Wyman and Bob Show on AM 710 Seattle Sports radio, MLB Network's Jon Morosi had the audacity to suggest that the Seattle Mariners should prioritize making a trade with the Cleveland Guardians third baseman Jose Ramirez. But it was not the idea of Cleveland trading Ramirez to Seattle that was shocking it was that Morosi said that the Mariners should pursue this over attempting to acquire the services of Shohei Ohtani.

Let that sink in.

Has it sunk in yet? Ok, good.

In what world would it make sense for the Guardians to consider trading Ramirez? Seriously? The way Morosi portrays the situation in Cleveland is that of wanting to tear everything down following Terry Francona stepping down as manager but that could not be further from the truth.

It appears that Morosi does not have his finger on the pulse of the Guardians because this is a team that is looking to add players in order to return to contention rather than trade one of the best players in the game away. Need evidence? Cleveland signed Josh Bell and Mike Zunino this past offseason in an attempt to bolster their lineup with some much-needed power. While both signings were busts and the team moved on from both players, this should indicate the desire of the team to improve their roster instead of what Morosi is suggesting here.

Then there is this whole other aspect that is yet to be addressed here. The full no-trade clause in Jose Ramirez's contract. Add that on top of Ramirez stating time and time again that he loves Cleveland and that he wants to play for the Guardians for his entire career. Perhaps a little background research before presenting an incredibly bold claim could have helped Morosi out here and prevented him from looking incredibly foolish.

Could teams such as the Mariners approach the Guardians about trading for Ramirez? Sure, but they can expect their inquiry to be shot down rather quickly.