Laughable trade suggestion involving Guardians lacks quality insight

Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

There are two types of trade suggestions this time of year. Those that are based in reality and those that have absolutely zero merit and should not be taken seriously, what we have here is the latter.

As part of his Answering 30 MLB trade deadline questions with a month to go and so many possibilities by The Athletic's Jim Bowden, there was exactly one entry that involved the Cleveland Guardians. When asked about a potential trade the Guardians could make that he would like to see, Bowden answered with this out-of-touch response. 

"How about the Guardians trade 1B Ralphy Velazquez, RHP Gavin Williams and LHP Alex Clemmey to the White Sox for LHP Garrett Crochet?"

Jim Bowden

With the relatively brief response with zero lack of insight from Bowden, this could have been just an answer to get to 30 questions. Even if this was meant to be an off-the-cuff answer and nothing more, we are going to treat this as if it were a genuine answer with any thought behind it.

The issue with the trade suggestion

The problem here is not the return of Garrett Crochet or the inclusion of Ralphy Velazquez or Alex Clemmey, as much as some like them as prospects, it is sending a key member of their current major league starting rotation in Gavin WIlliams in this deal to the Chicago White Sox.

Now, before we go further, this is not about making a trade with a division rival. The argument against trading within the division is beyond antiquated and is not something that should be taken seriously in the year 2024. The problem with this trade proposal is that it would be trading away Williams for Crochet.

Cleveland is looking to add on to their current group in their rotation, not look to upgrade one specific spot. It would make much more sense for another prospect or two to be included rather than Williams due to the need for starting pitching come playoff time. While Crochet is having a career year, and his acquisition would improve their rotation's ceiling, this trade, in particular, would subtract from their floor, and that is not something they can afford right now. The Guardians need all hands on deck, including Williams, if they are going to qualify for the postseason and go on a run.

There is one more thing to note here, the amount of innings that Crochet has pitched. The 25-year-old lefty has thrown 105.1 innings, more than his previous three seasons combined (73). There must be some level of concern about his volume of innings this season, and whether or not he will continue to pitch at this level if not break down late in the year.

It would be much different if Crochet had multiple years as a starter with a ton of innings under his belt, but that is not the case considering this is his first year as a starter. This is not saying buyer beware when it comes to Crochet, but it is not not saying it either.