Last 5 Cleveland hitters to record 100+ RBI in a season

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Travis Hafner (2007)

Also coming from the near-miss and almost certain World Series-winning team if they did not falter in the 2007 American League Championship Series is Travis Hafner.

Unlike a few names on this list, Hafner's 100 RBI total in 2007 is not his career high. This was Hafner's fourth and final season reaching triple digits in this department as injuries took their toll. Hafner appeared in 558 games while driving in over 100 runs in four straight seasons while appearing in just 511 in the following six years.

In a way, Hafner's final year of 100 RBIs marks the end of that competitive cycle for the Cleveland baseball franchise. There were clearly other factors at play, but Hafner missing time and seeing his power drop did not help matters.

2007 was also the last season in which Hafner hit more than 16 home runs in a season (24). During the four years that Hafner was a regular part of their lineup, he hit 127 home runs, and that number drops to 71 for the rest of his career.

Travis Hafner was an absolute force in this lineup when he was at his peak, keeping opposing pitchers up at night before facing Cleveland, with the man known as Pronk awaiting his turn to do damage.