Last 5 Cleveland hitters to record 100+ RBI in a season

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Mike Napoli (2016)

2016 does not seem a long time ago at first, but in 2023 it's much closer to a decade than many may initially realize. It was a magical season for Cleveland as they marched their way to the World Series, ultimately falling short to the Chicago Cubs in Game 7. A key part of that run to the Fall Classic? Mike Napoli.

In his one and only season in Cleveland, it was a Party at Napoli's all season long. Napoli was a force in the lineup, driving in 101 runs over 150 games. The veteran first baseman led the team in RBIs that year, with Carlos Santana being the next closest in terms of runs driven in (87). Napoli's performance at the plate in that postseason left a lot to be desired, and the less said about that, the better.

Interestingly enough, this was the only season in Napoli's career that saw him break the 100-RBI mark. He came close a few years prior while in Boston (92), but that was the only season that saw him within 24 RBI of 100 in his 12-year career. Most other seasons saw the former backstop finish inbetween 42 and 68 runs driven in, with the 75 in 2011 being his third-best finish to a season.