Last 5 Cleveland hitters to record 100+ RBI in a season

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Edwin Encarnacion (2018)

Before Jose Ramirez's 2021 and 2022 campaigns, it takes a few years of going back to find the next Cleveland baseball player to drive in 100+ runs. Edwin Encarnacion drove in 107 runs in 137 games during the 2018 season. Interestingly enough, Encarnacion recorded that number in back-to-back seasons while in Cleveland, also driving in 107 in 157 games during his first year in Cleveland (2017).

These two seasons in Cleveland were the final two of four straight and six of seven years of accomplishing this feat. Encarnacion just missed 100 in 2014 as he drove in 98 in 128 games. The former first baseman's short stint in Cleveland was really the beginning of the end of his consistently high offensive output. While Encarnacion hit 34 home runs, driving in 86 total with two ballclubs in 2019. His 2020 season was a complete disaster, and he has not played in the majors since.

The decision to sign Encarnacion was meant to be one of the final pieces to accomplish what they were unable to do the year before, win the World Series. Receiving the highest value contract in the history of the franchise up to this point, Encarnacion produced as expected, but it was clear after two seasons that it was time to move on.