Keep your eye on Cleveland Guardians prospect Daniel Schneemann

While Schneemann's name and appearance at the plate might not turn many heads, his stats to begin the 2024 campaign surely will.
Cleveland Guardians, Daniel Schneemann
Cleveland Guardians, Daniel Schneemann / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Daniel Schneemann may see time in the major leagues this season. While his name and appearance at the plate might not turn many heads, his stats to begin the 2024 campaign surely will. As the Cleveland Guardians organization looks to begin a trek back to the MLB Postseason, offensive consistency has certainly been a focal point.

Taking a short two-hour trip down to Columbus from Cleveland will bring you to Huntington Park, the home of the Clippers. There are many names to see, like No. 2 prospect Kyle Manzardo, No. 3 prospect Daniel Espino, and No. 7 prospect George Valera. However, one who is standing out amongst the top youngsters is Daniel Schneemann.

Although in the Guardians' MLB Pipeline, he is not placed within the Top 30 prospects, he has already made a staggering impact this season. Through 13 games, he has recorded 38 at-bats while knocking nine hits. His play at the plate is so complete, that he very rarely leaves a game without a hit or walk.

Through his nine hits, two have been doubles, and two have been a home run, which has contributed to five RBIs. Currently, his OBP sits at an impressive .420, while his OPS is at .867, just below the 1.0 mark.

While those statistics don't stand out at a high-level, his strikeouts to walk ratio is eye-popping.

He has just seven strikeouts while finding 12 walks, a number that at one point in time was 3-to-10 heading into the Clippers' most recent series against Louisville. For comparison, there are just three individuals at the major league level for the Guardians that have seven strikeouts or less. Those three are David Fry, Josh Naylor, and Gabriel Arias. Both Arias and Fry have recorded 23 and 22 at-bats, respectively, on the year, whereas Schneemann is at 38 on the season.

With his skills at the plate beginning to shine, the Guardians may look to bring him up to see if his consistency can bring a commendable on-base presence to the big leagues. In the Clippers' most recent outing against the Louisville Bats, Schneemann found a home run and single to help guide the team to a 7-5 win. His single was recorded as the third-fastest exit velocity on the team that game at 102.9 mph.

His ability to hit line-drive darts off his bat and also play top-notch defense combine for a great role player fit on any major league roster. If the consistency remains throughout the season, there is a very good chance the organization could give the 27-year-old a shot on the major league roster.