Keep Brad Ausmus away from Guardians' open manager position

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The Cleveland Guardians have an open manager position following future Hall of Famer Terry Francona stepping down after 11 years at the helm. The organization has already begun the interview process with what was reportedly a long list of candidates. But there is one individual who mentioned that he wants to return to managing, which the Guardians should steer clear of. Brad Ausmus. 

The former manager of the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels is reportedly interested in pursuing managerial openings this offseason, according to MLB Network's Jon Morosi. As of October 2, 2023, there are only four open positions. In addition to the Guardians, the Angels, New York Mets, and San Francisco Giants all have open positions. Crossing the Angels off the list due to a second go around being an instant non-starter, leaving just three teams of which Cleveland is one. But there is no reason for the Guardians to pursue his services.

In case anyone forgot, Ausmus is an awful manager. Lacking a feel for the game and making head-scratching moves on a nightly basis, Ausmus managed his way out of Detroit while the team was still clinging to being somewhat competitive. His only successful season came in his first year, winning the American League Central in the first year following the retirement of Jim Leyland.

Detroit would be swept in three games by the Baltimore Orioles during the 2014 American League Division Series. The Tigers would fail to win the division under Ausmus again and would go on to have 224 wins and 260 losses following the 90-72 record in his first year. Ausmus would manage the Los Angeles Angels for one season before being relieved of his duties after a disappointing and trying year, which resulted in the Angels bringing Joe Maddon back to the organization.

These are all things that the Guardians' front office needs to keep in mind while they search for their next manager. The Ausmus following a legendary manager experience has already been seen within the division, and there is absolutely no reason that the Guardians should opt to go in the same direction as the Tigers once did.