Josh Bell definitely signed with the Cleveland Guardians for the free babysitting

Cleveland Guardians Photo Day
Cleveland Guardians Photo Day / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

As you might very well know, Josh Bell signed a two-year deal with the Cleveland Guardians this offseason, cementing himself as the middle-of-the-order bat the team desperately needs to protect José Ramírez.

Bell is getting $16.5 million each of the next two years, and there is an opt-out clause for Bell after 2023 should he get the itch to look elsewhere. No doubt there were other teams inquiring about Bell's services this offseason, and there might have been others offering more money per year, or perhaps even a guaranteed third year.

But Bell chose Cleveland, no doubt because of the team culture and the organization's chance to win now, but really, it all came down to the free babysitting.

What you may not know is that Bell's wife is from Youngstown, Ohio, less than 90 minutes away from Cleveland. And with the possibility of family being so close, Bell just couldn't turn down the free babysitting he'll receive this summer, which, as any parent knows, is worth its weight in gold. It sometimes feels like we spend around $16 million a year in childcare costs, so yeah, that would end up being a great selling point.

This does beg the question, then: Why aren't the Guardians opening a childcare center inside Progressive Field to further entice free agents moving forward?