Jose Ramirez and his day to forget at the plate

Cleveland Guardians v Washington Nationals
Cleveland Guardians v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/GettyImages

Jose Ramirez managed to do something he has never done in a game before Tuesday, strike out four times. It was not a good day at the plate for the Guardians third baseman as he ended the second game of the doubleheader in Detroit with a golden sombrero. This was the first multi-strikeout game of the season for Ramirez

It took 1,155 games for Ramirez to end up with a four strikeout game. In fact, striking out more than twice is a rarity for Cleveland’s perennial MVP candidate. Ramirez has 15 three strikeout games to his name, with just one occurring from his September 1, 2013 debut and April 27, 2017. Considering the relative rare occurrence that a three strikeout game is for Ramirez, do not expect another golden sombrero anytime soon.

There is a good chance that Ramirez bounces back relatively quickly from this lackluster performance. Ramirez last struck out three times in a game was September 25, 2022, going 0-5 in a 10-4 win over Texas. Ramirez was able to bounce back the next game, going 3-6 with a triple off of former Cleveland pitcher Corey Kluber in a 6-5 loss to Tampa two days later. The fact that Ramirez is able to not make a habit out of striking out three times in a game should bode well moving forward.

When perusing the list of most golden sombrero’s in Major League Baseball history, there are plenty of the expected names. Ryan Howard holds the dubious honor of All-Time leader with 27 while a former Cleveland baseball legend Jim Thome is just a couple slots behind him with 20. The active player with the most currently is Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton (22). Stanton could potentially get closer to Howard or even eclipse him on this list, that of course depends on the health of Stanton and whether or not he can cut down on strikeouts.