James Karinchak needs to get the Bobby Hill treatment

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets
Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets / Elsa/GettyImages

With the Guardians holding a four-run lead in the bottom of the 7th and after Sam Hentges sandwiched a single with two walks to load the bases, James Karinchak was called upon to get out of this mess. In an incredibly unsurprising development, Karinchak gave up a game-tying grand slam to Mets first baseman Pete Alonso and that nice lead Cleveland built up vanished quicker than when an Infinity Gauntlet wielding Thanos snapped away half of the Earth's population. This was just the latest bad outing from Karinchak who no longer looks to be fit for a role in the back end of the bullpen. So what can the Guardians do?

Give him the Bobby Hill treatment.

So what is the Bobby HIll treatment exactly? All the way back in 1999 during the 12th episode third season of King of the Hill, the episode titled "Three Coaches and a Bobby" starts off with Bobby playing youth football with the game coming down to the final two minutes. As the coach at the time likes to play all players two minutes and insisted Bobby play despite pleas from Hank and other parents. This leads to a group of parents signing a letter of sorts with the following instructions.

Do not put Bobby in if outcome of the game can be affected in any way.

While the coach ended up quitting before the parent's suggestion, this is a philosophy the Guardians should be using when it comes to Karinchak. There is no reason for Karinchak to continue pitching in situations that could impact the game. Once upon a time this was not the case, but the current version of Karinchak with a 5.03 ERA and six home runs allowed in 19.2 innings has proven to be too volatile and cannot be trusted. Karinchak needs to be the recipient of the Bobby Hill treatment until he can prove otherwise over a meaningful span of games.