Guardians to honor John Adams

Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Guardians
Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The Cleveland Guardians have announced they will honor the late mainstay of Cleveland baseball, John Adams.

The left-field bleachers will be named in his honor beginning next season. The team already honored his memory on Opening Day and the recent 50th anniversary of Adams' first game back at Cleveland Municipal Stadium with a patch on their jerseys. The patch depicted a bass drum with mallets in the middle surrounded by his initials on either side.

Adam's bass drum is also being loaned to the Baseball Hall of Fame for what is being described as "the foreseeable future". This will allow fans of all teams the opportunity to see the instrument that Adams had by his side for nearly 50 years. Even through some very forgettable years of Cleveland baseball, Adams could still be found pounding his drum and supporting his team.

2019 was the last season that Adams would attend games as no fans were permitted in 2020, despite attempts by some to get him involved in some capacity during the pandemic-shortened season. Unable to attend in 2021 when fans were allowed back into stadiums (in limited numbers), Patrick Carney of the Black Keys took Adams' spot in the bleachers for Opening Day to keep his spirit alive in the ballpark.

The Guardians, in addition to several businesses (local and national), have found ways to honor him previously with bobbleheads, a plaque at his seat in the bleachers, drumming sounds being inserted into video games, a bronzed bass drum, and even a beer from Great Lakes Brewing Company named Rally Drum Red Ale.

The bleachers are synonymous with John Adams and the presence of his bass drum. Honoring his memory to ensure future generations can learn about an important figure in the history of Cleveland sports is an appropriate gesture by the ballclub.