Guardians should look to deal Shane Bieber ASAP with Tyler Glasnow off the board

Cleveland Guardians v Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Guardians v Cincinnati Reds / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

With the Los Angeles Dodgers trading for and subsequently extending pitcher Tyler Glasnow, the Cleveland Guardians need to be super aggressive when it comes to marketing Shane Bieber on the trade market. 

Bieber, the 2020’s Cy Young Award winner, is the most frequently discussed and likeliest trade piece for the Guardians this offseason. Cleveland should be contacting any and all teams that were looking to acquire Glasnow and are still in the market for starting pitching. 

This is about taking advantage of a team that now be in desperation mode to add to their rotation. Much like a gambler looking to make up for their continued losses, the Guardians need to find someone looking to ensure their trade package is considered good enough so they do not come up short a second time. 

What this comes down to is timing and leverage. The immediate time after coming up short for Glasnow is exactly when the Guardians should pounce on the trade market. 

The stars are aligned for Cleveland to maximize the return for Bieber. While the expected package they would receive for Bieber was never considered to be all that impressive, but now that could change for the better and the Guardians should take advantage of this brief window. 

If Cleveland does not get a deal done for Bieber now, it is not the end of the world. All they would have to do is wait for their next opportunity, which could really be any day now. The front office of the Guardians has many years of experience when it comes to situations such as this one, making many similar deals in the past. While they are never popular at the time, they usually end up working out in the end, and there is a very good chance that it does again when they inevitably find a suitor willing to give up what is required for Bieber.