Guardians not certain to move any starting pitchers

There is interest in Cleveland's pitchers, but their recent success may alter any plans to trade them at this time
Milwaukee Brewers v Cleveland Guardians
Milwaukee Brewers v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The trade deadline is rapidly approaching and with it comes an increased focus on exactly what the Cleveland Guardians will do. There has been some level of speculation since before the season even started that the Guardians could move some of their arms in their starting rotation, but now that is not even a certanity.

A report from Jon Morosi of MLB Network has provided an update about trade speculation in Cleveland, but there is still not much in regards to a definitive direction they could head in.

"Trade Deadline note: While rival clubs are showing interest in Cleveland’s starting pitchers, the Guardians aren’t certain to move any of them. At 16-13, CLE is tied with TOR for the AL’s 2nd best record since June 1. "

Jon Morosi

There are couple takeaways here. Nobody has any real idea of what the Guardians will do at the deadline and that includes the team. Having the second-best record in the American League dating back to June 1st certainly alters any sort of plans to be full-on sellers. Add that on top of playing in he worst division in baseball and that only complicates things. At 41-43 they are only one game back of the American League Central leading Minnesota Twins. With the division still in reach it makes it a bit difficult to envision the team going into full sell mode.

This particular trade deadline is going to require a certain balance in order to make the most of it. While Morosi's report does state that Cleveland may not trade a starting pitcher, that actually may be in their best interest. The Guardians have shuffle things in one way or another regardless of where they are in the standings. Moving someone like a Shane Bieber in addition to a position player in Amed Rosario would be the best path forward. Sell a potential trading partner on getting two posteason runs out of Bieber while getting a solid shortstop as well. Ideally they could land an impactful bat to add to their lineup while also opening up playing time for their middle infield prospects.

Will the Guardians actually pull the trigger on big trades before the deadline? That is the question that nobody seems to have an answer to at the moment.